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Yakuza’s Kiryu Is Coming To Rainbow Six Siege… Kind Of

Yakuza’s Kiryu Is Coming To Rainbow Six Siege… Kind Of

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 begins on June 7, and it’ll feature a crossover with Sega’s Yakuza game series when it goes live. Exclusive bundles will be available for Echo and Hibana, transforming the operators into Kiryu Kazuma and Kaoru Sayama respectively.

Ubisoft also teased a mystery bundle for Echo that strongly hints at Goro Majima cosmetics. In the Yakuza series, Goro served as Kiryu’s main rival, occasional enemy, and irregular ally. Prices and release dates for the bundles haven’t been revealed yet, but expect them to roll out during the course of season 2.

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Other changes to Rainbow Six to look forward to including a new operator codenamed Sens, Operation Vector Glare, and a big narrative shift for the multiplayer tactical shooter. Y7S2 also adds a shooting range that fans have been asking for, and alongside its new squad system, Rainbow Six Siege’s newest season is shaping up to be a great starting point for new players and veterans looking to return to the fold.

In Yakuza-related news, former game director Toshihiro Nagoshi recently spoke about what fans can expect from him at his new studio, Nagoshi Studio, which includes once again leaning heavily into creating games with a flair for the cinematic and the dramatic.

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