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Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest guide

Elden Ring Volcano Manor quest guide

The Elden Ring Volcano Manor questline isn’t particularly long but it’s easy to miss, and requires access to some of the later areas in the Lands Between. The final stage of this quest also pits you against one of the optional Shardbearer bosses, but the rewards for completing it includes new weapons (opens in new tab) and armour sets.  You’ll also find a number of NPCs at Volcano Manor and skipping the area means you’ll miss out on their NPC quests (opens in new tab), too.

Getting to Volcano Manor isn’t straightforward though, so you might be stumped trying to figure out exactly how to start. Mt Gelmir is a tricky region to traverse, but there are a few ways of getting there early and I’ll go through those options in this guide. Here’s how to get to the Elden Ring Volcano Manor, and how to complete the questline when you do. 

How to get to Volcano Manor in Elden Ring

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